Books vs. Movie - The DUFF comparison

I hate it when I read a book that is so good and then the film releases and I have the feeling they messed it totaly up.

On the other side when you watched a movie you know you do not need to read the book because then you expect it to be exactly as the film was but sometimes some actions are not commint and that is totaly sad.

This time I saw the Movie "the DUFF" and then read the book and I was surprised but I have to say that I actually liked the book more then the film.

I thing because both are so different from each other and have nothing incommen the message is totaly different and also the hole content.

While in the movie the DUFF is asking the guy who told her the DUFF for help to change her appearence, the girl in the book is dealing with so many things that she decides to distract herself through making out with this.

In the book the girl had a messed up life but you never have the feeling that she would be actually ugly of fat.But the movie shows some girl that really is totaly different from her best friends. That is why the message is so different the movie gives the expression as if it only dipends on how you look and not who you are and that you are only able to change being the DUFF by changing the way you look. In opposide the book says that everyone is a DUFF no matter how they look because in some aspect everyone has their good and bad character or look trails.

thats why I prefer the book because Biancas character is more round and has a lot of different aspects and you know that she is pretty right from the beginning but the is different and special than every other girl in her world. You can easily identiffy yourself with her.


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